Asian Development Bank (ADB) holds an Annual Meeting (AM) of its Member Countries around the first Sunday of May every year. This is normally a four day event comprising seminars, workshops and two days of formal meetings attended by Finance Ministers/their representatives of 67 Member Countries. A large gathering of approximately 4000 people including delegates from different countries, economists, investment bankers, corporate leaders, Nobel laureates, Civil Society, media etc. participate in the event. India would be hosting the AM of ADB in Delhi from 2nd to 5th May 2013.

LOGO OF THE ANNUAL MEETING: Signifies the 'web of life' and is based on the tribal motifs of central India, the visual represents the cycle of life.



The brochure highlights the events that will take place in the Annual Meeting in May 2013. It also gives a snapshot of India.


Theme:   Development   through Empowerment

Development through Empowerment is the theme for the 46th Annual Meeting. The theme encompasses issues that are critical for sustaining high and inclusive growth in Developing Asia.