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India Pavilion

Invest India

India Pavilion

CII is organising the "India Pavilion" at the event to showcase India’s economic growth story.

The India Pavilion and Colloquium would showcase and highlight India’s Development Story and provide an exhibition opportunity for Indian Industry, to the visiting delegations and guests at the 46th ADB Annual Meeting.

The India Pavilion is expected to host senior officials of ADB, World Bank, IMF, IFC and other International Institutions, financial investors, decision makers, CEOs & people who really matter.

The India Pavilion will also have an “India Adda” the quintessential Indian hangout intricately woven into the country’s social fabric for the above mentioned participants for networking and bilateral meetings.



  • To Showcase and Highlight India’s Development Story through exhibits
  • Provide a platform for informal meetings and "addas"

  • Experience the "India Story"

  • Exhibition Opportunity for Indian Industry

  • Influential and high level networking


  • Sector and subject specific – experience sharing

  • Delivered through case-study presentations, talks, panel discussions, etc

  • Indicative Subjects - Infrastructure, Education, Healthcare, Technology, Telecom, Banking, R & D, Manufacturing,
    Inclusive Growth, etc (topically would not overlap with the ADB sectoral seminars & India day seminars)

  • Visited by Global/ Multilateral Investment Corporations


  • Aesthetically developed with state of the art light and sound, décor and comfort

  • Befitting an international exposition of the Country’s Development and Growth Story

  • Suitable Meeting Place for Dignitaries and Global CEOs